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Lawn Pong

Lawn Pong

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If you’ve ever been to a college party, a top-rated arcade with virtual beer pong, or have simply ever thrown a ping pong ball into a cup, you know what lawn pong is. The game comes with 12 buckets (6 per team) with 4 white throwing balls. Fill them with water or sand at your level of preference for extra stability. To play, there will be 2 teams (traditionally 2 people per team) with 6 buckets per side in a triangle formation. The triangles should be approximately 15-25 ft apart. Each player attempts to throw 2 balls at the opposing team’s buckets, and if a ball lands in a bucket, it is removed from play. The other team then takes their turn. Each team is allowed one “re-rack” per game. The game has been won once all buckets have been removed by the opposing team.

Please expect approx 4 weeks of production time 

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